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ADVANCE Digital Laminates Collection for Interior Decoration

Creating Your Vision and Giving It a Digital Touch Is What Digital Laminates Does

Us: The Digital Laminates Experts:

Advance presents you with the new digital laminates for interior decor. A bold & beautifying your interior, offering a valuable, one-stop resource of quality for architects, designers, and manufacturers of modern interior. The digital laminates have a unique digital outcome that is an ideal solution for the demands of the modern interior. It meets the need of every type of interior, an unbeatable solution for interior decor such as wardrobe, dining table, working counter, and wall paneling.

A Visual Arrest

Advance Digital Laminates customizes the environment, transforming it into a unique space with high-quality image resolution. An ideal surfacing material for both commercial and residential applications, digital laminates offer endless aesthetic possibilities, giving you the perfect canvas to paint your creativity. It can also be used as wardrobe laminates as it defines awesome textures and colors. Made of multiple layers of Kraft paper compressed together with high-strength resins, digital laminates not only look great, but they are also a highly durable surfacing solution. Whether you want to completely transform the look and feel of your living space or just give it a touch of personalization, decorative laminates can get the job done, seamlessly.

Abstract Designs

The conventional solid colors and repeating floral and geometric patterns might get boring to some extent that is when abstract designs open to multiple interpretations sprung up. Abstract designs tend to include a variety of unconventional patterns that can be a breath of fresh air into any living space, making them perfect for those who are looking to move away from the ordinary. If you are looking for a rustic/traditional look and feel, consider going for a digital wrap with a huge range featuring stone textures. The stone finish laminates are perfect for creating an earthly yet extraordinary ambiance. An array of choices to customize the interiors of your homes and workplaces, people nowadays are much more to natural designs which can only be found in digital decorations of laminates. You can visit the digital laminate catalouge for latest designs and textures.

Why choose ADVANCE DIGITAL Laminates:

  • Durable with 10 years guarantee on colour
  • Easy to maintain
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • High resistant to water and moisture
  • FSC certified product
  • It is high-pressure high-density decorative
  • Available in glossy as well as matt finish
  • A wide range of designs to match with your interior
  • Every design comes with the suggestion of plane colour match
  • Scratch resistant to look beautiful for a long time
  • Resistant to heat


High pressure decorative laminated sheets, | SIZE: 2440 x 1220 mm, | THICKNESS: 1.00 mm


For cleaning the surface of the laminates, use a dry cloth to wipe the stains. If needed ordinary liquid detergent (non-acidic) or ammoniated liquid can be used. After taking a trial on small portion stain remover or industrial organic solvents can be used to remove stubborn stains in case if there is no problem. One should not use, wire of hard-plastic brushes, and abrasives to clean the surface, Since, conventional laminates are made for interior decorations, should not be used for external use where there are chances for direct exposure to sunlight or any other sort of direct heat. It is always recommended to keep the substrate horizontal while pasting the laminates. Immediate removal of pressure & vertical application should not be practiced. Samples pasted in the folder represent the finish & design and not the actual thickness.


Advance provides a warranty that the product is free from any manufacturing defects & is suitable to use for the normal and usual purpose. In case of any visual defects, the product not be used, cut, or altered in any manner. Company liability will be limited to the extent the cost of the product only. The colour/shade may vary from variety to variety.

Wrapping Up

Digital laminate designs can help you create any type of ambience you may desire. Besides being easy on the pocket, digital laminates come with a host of other advantages such as easy maintenance, resistance to microbial growth, and of course, a wide variety of choices. If you are looking to buy the latest laminate sheets, simply call – +91 9821698171

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